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Timberland Consulting provides full-service forest management to landowners across Indiana and the Midwest. As the son of a forester, Brad Engle's roots grow deep into woodland management and a desire to care for assets the land provides. Carrying a forestry degree from Purdue University, Brad has spent time working in sawmills and the U.S. Forest Service in Alaska, gaining tremendous experience. Brad has also worked alongside other consultants to broaden his experience. Timberland Consulting, LLC employs a team of qualified and hardworking individuals, including foresters, technicians, and seasonal laborers that care for your property with a deep passion for the land. Timberland Consulting offers a wide range of services catered to landowners who understand the value and importance of properly managing a forest. We help clients responsibly harvest timber, maintain woodland areas for wildlife and hunting, and improve the land to pass on a forestry legacy to future generations.

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Why hire Timberland Consulting?

As a qualified Forestry company, we are dedicated and knowledgeable. We provide forest management for land owners. We take our education in Forestry and Arboriculture seriously and continue our training through continuing education opportunities, proper safety training, and ongoing networking within the industry. We are stewards of the land. We care about the trees, shrubs, and other plant life in the forest and the wildlife that calls it home. At the same time, we look out for you as a landowner. We will educate you, advocate for you, and get the best results possible. This is not our job... it is our passion.


Planting for the future...
Whether you are planting hardwoods for an investment, regenerating a hardwood stand, or simply planting for the next generation, our planning and implementation ensure it is done right. Thoughtful design and site preparation, including soil drainage, tillage, competing vegetation, and nutrition, are factored into the planting process. You can learn more about our planting services here.


"The wildlife and its habit cannot speak. So we must and we will."
- Theodore Roosevelt

Timberland Consulting can complete a detailed inspection of your property and assist you with a vegetative management plan to encourage wildlife and provide proper nutrition for a sustainable habitat. Whether it is for hunting purposes, or simply your love of nature, We can plan nutrient-dense food plots and proper forest management that will encourage an abundance of wildlife.


The forest is one of our most valuable resources. It is a place to escape, relax, enjoy... it is a sanctuary. Passing it on to future generations is one of the most amazing gifts one can offer. Our plans for a sustainable forest will grow and develop into an ecosystem that will transcend lifetimes and can be handed down and enjoyed by many generations.
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Turn Key Forest Management for Land Owners
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